Are you Satisfied with Lazada?

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Having an online store in the Philippines is great because now, people don't have to go to Amazon just to order a product which is also available locally. And if you try to place an order on Amazon, there's always a chance that you encounter a seller that doesn't ship their products internationally.

Then Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines Homepage

Filipinos see them almost everywhere on the net. Advertisements on Youtube videos,
online search results, recommendation from friends; all are factors for the successful promotion of their website. Lazada is relatively new in the country, so you can't just compare them to Amazon at least not yet.

But this post is for those who already tried their service and would like to share their own stories and experiences dealing with Lazada Philippines. To help others who are now planning to buy from, we should tell them what to expect and prepare them... for the worst? :)

But it's worth mentioning that one of their payment methods attract a lot of people (including me), I'm talking about the cash on delivery (COD). It is very convenient because

  • You don't have to worry if for example your order didn't arrive on time.

    According to the FAQ section on their website, ten business days is the longest time you should wait for the item you ordered. And three days is the shortest. However they can deliver the item even within 48 hours. That can be true particularly for their Metro Manila customers.

  • It is also convenient for those who don't have a credit card

    Until now, still few people in the country use a credit card. That's why it's only recently when online shopping became more popular for the Filippinos. Prior to, Filipino people would usually go to (now to find second hand products. ( however is not a safe place to shop online because
    1. You are usually dealing with individuals who just want to get rid of their old items.
    2. Most of the sellers don't have a physical store so if the item you bought is defective or has other problems, you will have to contact the seller again to arrange a meetup.

    However with, you just have to log-on to their website, make a few clicks and after that all you need to do is wait. It is very safe because
    1. You are protected by some laws regarding online shopping or credit card policy.
    2. Lazada Philippines has a return policy where you can send them back the item you bought within 14 days.
    3. All products you see on their website are genuine unless otherwise stated.

Lazada Philippines Payment Options Other Than COD?

Of course the credit card method is always prefered especially when buying online, as it is very safe. Other methods are Visa, Master Card, Online installment and Paypal.

I have already tried their service once and it was great! Accessible website, easy tcheckout process, helpful customer service representatives and great selection of products. These are the reasons why I'm thinking to shop at Lazada again. But I know they are not perfect. The item I bought from them arrived two weeks after I ordered it. Also when I tried to call their hotline, I had a hard time talking to their CSR people not because they're not good, but because their equipment/system did have somekind of a technical problem. That happened twice. It's like that they're using a VOIP system for their call center and their internet connection had issues. But overall, my experience with them was forgivable.

Lazada Order Status

I recommend Lazada Philippines for those who want to shop online when you are in the Philippines. They ship all over the country. However there's a small delivery charge when the item is below P1000, but I think that's understandable.

Share your views.

1 Responses to "Are you Satisfied with Lazada?"

Anonymous said...

I bought an expensive sunscreen from Lazada months ago. Delivery was prompt and smooth but the product they delivered seems to be a very old stock. The cream was so hard I can't even squeeze it. Didn't bother to contact them as I feel they didn't care that they sent over an old stock. That was the first and last time I purchased anything from Lazada.

February 21, 2014 at 1:30 AM

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