These are the choices between the popular browsers today.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer that has a codename of (O’Hare) was first released by Microsoft in August 1995 and was a part of Microsoft Plus! – an add-on pack for Windows 95. It’s not included in the first release of 95 however, it was on the OEM version of the operating system.

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Why is Philippines so behind in terms of technological advancements?

Filipinos love new stuff like the latest gadgets; computers, cell phones, game consuls, computer peripherals, computer programs, websites like social networking sites, home equipments like TV sets, home theater systems, wireless devices or services that use wireless

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Alaska vs San Miguel – LA Tenorio’s Buzzer Beater - PBA

The game happened on December 5, 2010 and that’s the last game of SMB and Alaska’s second to the last.

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Bayantel Strikes Again!

Will Bayantel always be like this?

I don’t want to destroy their credibility and that will never be the intention of this blog but it seems that they push me too hard now. I regularly download from Sendspace and before I was satisfied with what speed I get but recently it all changed without any obvious reasons.

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Willing Willie is technically not as good as before particularly in sound Quality

When Willie Reviliame and his program Wowowee was still airing on ABS-CBN, I enjoyed watching it not because of Willie but because of their

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Why is Kapamilya Number 1

There are many factors why it’s number 1. Below are few of those reasons why Kapamilya maintains its ranking and status of being “the number 1 TV network in the Philippines”.

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Who Deserves?

“In the Philippines, TV networks are having their tight rivalry in terms of quality programming and responsible journalism. These are just their claims
however, so Filipino people believe just on what they observe from these giant media groups. In this article, let’s focus on the two of them (ABS-CBN and GMA)”.

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Choosing the right security software

This article will focus on how to get the best but free antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall for your computer. I only mentioned those three as they are just the only security tools you need when you start exposing your machine to the world (I’m talking about the world wide web).

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(Bayan DSL): Is it good service they provide?

Another problem that you may encounter when you subscribe to Bayan DSL is the (intermittent connection). I know every provider has this kind of issue on their service, but this article will be focusing on Bayan DSL

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A Super Agent Inside the 24 Hour Period

Who can say that this is boring? Who can change the channel or the DVD while you’re watching it?

Back in 2001,

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Maintaining the Performance of Your Computer

I am going to give you tips on how to utilize all system resources you may have on your end such as the size of your hard drive, your system RAM and your operating system itself.

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Are you satisfied with Bayantel?

Starting March 15, 2010, Bayan DSLwill have new rates that are very competitive!!!

Here are the details of the new packages that they will be releasing:

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