These are the choices between the popular browsers today.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer that has a codename of (O’Hare) was first released by Microsoft in August 1995 and was a part of Microsoft Plus! – an add-on pack for Windows 95. It’s not included in the first release of 95 however, it was on the OEM version of the operating system. Version 2 supports 32-bit Windows and Macintosh (another operating system). A year later, IE 3 (the more stable version of the browser) and was designed particularly for Windows Operating System was released together with the browser’s interesting features for the users. Features such as the email capability, .gif and .jpg support, audio streaming support and many more have become the most favorite and have played a big role in its success that time.

Then, almost yearly, Internet explorer had its newer versions, and today, almost fifteen years later, it’s still the most popular browser and has a 90 percent share on the market. But Firefox on the other hand, is not just going to accept it, correct? Maybe the reason for this is that Microsoft is still giving the software for free and this I think is the most popular thing to do where ever you are in the world! Enough of those jokes and let’s talk about Firefox, IE’s closest rival.

Firefox, the second choice after IE

If you want to try Firefox, you can download it from their website; below is the link.

The winner?

Based on the statistics I’m getting from different sources, Firefox is the winner! Almost 80 percent of my visitors use Firefox but many Filipinos still prefer IE based on what I observed. Most of the people I know choose Internet explorer maybe because when they first open their computers, Internet explorer is what they will see on their desktop as it’s included in Windows operating system and requires no more installation but just the simple optimization and they can start to browse the world wide web right away. Unlike Firefox as most of us know, it’s third party and you need to install it separately and some people are not comfortable with this kind of extra work. But I personally use Firefox because of security or safety reasons. However, I’m having some troubles with Firefox lately and am thinking to change my browser if the issues persist. An unidentified plug-in causes my browser to stop functioning and I have to end the process from the task manager to resolve it. Some of the people I know have told me that they also experienced crashes when using Firefox but still, they don’t want it uninstalled from their machines. Weird? I know that’s why I wrote this blog.

So there’s no winner between these two browsers because people may change their preference anytime and they may even alternate IE and Firefox depending on the situation. Some websites out there show some data comparing Firefox and Internet explorer, but they don’t recommend their results to be accurate and relevant because of some factors that influence their procedure when determining the winner.

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