Are you satisfied with Bayantel?

Starting March 15, 2010, Bayan DSLwill have new rates that are very competitive!!!

Here are the details of the new packages that they will be releasing:

  • Plan 999 @1.0mbps ; 1.5mbps SOD
  • Plan 1499 @1.5mbps ; 2.0mbps SOD
  • Plan 1999 @2.0mbps; 2.5mbps SOD
  • Plan 2499 @2.5mbps; NO SOD
  • * We will still keep our existing package of Plan 899 @ 768kbps ; 1.2mbps SOD.
Promo mechanics are the following:
For new LEC and DSL bundled service, subscribers will have the ff benefits:
• 4 gives on the OTC of P1999 : only P999 initial cash out for the 1st part of the OTC – balance of the OTC to be paid on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th billing
at P250 each, charged to bill
• free LEC service for 1 month – sub will pay P300 for the LEC service on the 2nd month
For new DSL stand alone service, subscribers will have the ff benefits:
• 4 gives on the OTC of P1999 : only P999 initial cash out for the 1st part of the OTC – balance of the OTC to be paid on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th billing
at P250 each, charged to bill
• free one (1) month MRR

For existing LEC subs who will bundle their account with DSL:
• free OTC – P499
• lowered MRR of LEC to P300
• only applies to LEC subs over 6 months
• if less than 6 months, OTC charge to bill will apply

Details of the program:

  • Nationwide offer
  • Upgrades will be allowed
  • Downgrades will be allowed only if lock-in period has already expired (after 1 year of subscription)
  • Selling starts March 15 ; nationwide implementation
  • Add P300 to Bayan DSL monthly bill to bundle Bayan Phone.
  • MBG applies
  • DSL application subject to facility and capacity capability


My Own Story

I wrote this BLOG not to attack my own Internet provider but to remind them that their subscribers deserve to have the expected services after the sale!
Talking about their DSL service, I applied for a 1Mbps plan last May and expected to have a download speed of about 120KBPS on average. I don’t rely much on the computation or correct formula for this because I know you know that it would not be accurate all the time. So let me just depend on the results I get when I make a download from different servers all over the world.
In the first two months on their service, downloading from sendspace for example would usually take me about twenty minutes to finish the eighty megabyte file with the average transfer rate of 90KBPS. That’s fine with me even though this rate is for a 768Kbps package as the formula suggests. Again, some factors should be considered as why the expected speed is not achieved sometimes. So I let this happen and never bothered myself to complain about this. But the story has started to twist since last month when everything drastically changed. Browsing the web is slower since then, youtube video starts to buffer unlike before and my download speed is also slower so the download time eventually doubled! I also begin to have an intermittent internet connection specially in the morning and when it rains. Then I started to have series of calls thinking that the problem would be fixed. With all fairness I must say that the Bayantel customer service is undeniably great as they always come hours after your call! But the resolution is another matter correct? So to cut the story short, the problem persisted for weeks/months. Until recently I realized that the internet speed slowly becomes desirable again in fact the download time becomes shorter. Instead of thanking them right away, I begin thinking… “So this provider is inconsistent”, I said. That when trouble occurs, they always blame the subscribers’ computers sometimes to the point that they (the CSRs people) even suggest to reformat the system completely! Then after a while, the situation would come back to normal without formatting anything.
Again, this is not a kind of attack but a reaction from a good subscriber. I wanted to post an image of my speed test results but this is irrelevant I guess as it never shows the true representation of their internet services. How about the frequent disconnection for instance; you’re getting pampered by looking at the speed test results but after closing the webpage, you wouldn’t be able to browse another site because the light on your modem is already blinking. Honestly, I hesitated before posting this because I’m currently downloading a movie in full speed but still the issue should be brought out for the other potential subscribers to know. This is not an attack Bayantel, it’s an opinion!

Share your views.

6 Responses to "Are you satisfied with Bayantel?"

bayantel reviews said...

I'm still subscribed to BayanTel. I've read several reviews about them, so are good and some are bad. It just sucks that once the issue is resolved, it doesn't stay that way for at least 6 months. *sighs*

February 23, 2012 at 4:14 PM
Anonymous said...

same to all ISP's thats why Philippines ranked 140 in terms of down speed and 136 in terms of up speed, in korea the average speed is 14.6 Mbps how come the Philippines cannot maintain a 2Mbps or even 1Mbps so sad for our country, the Telcos only think of MONEY not service

June 20, 2012 at 6:50 PM
luisi vitchin said...

i'm a bayandsl subscriber for almost 5 years and i got 15-48 hours of no service every 2 months. but this year 3x in every 2 months my dial tone and dsl got no service for 24-72 hours. with the same reason that my wiring in their port are disconnected by their technician.
this is how their technician operates. the technician will usually arrived 18 hours after you made your call. 10 percent of the time it will be fix there and then but usually they will say they will check it and you have to wait for another 24 hour for the internet to come back on. so you got got almost 2 days of no connection without rebate. the're really good at avoiding the rebate. but 2 times their technician had arrived 36 hours later. check your connection then you had to wait for your connection to come back on 10 hours to 24 hours. so that is almost 3 days right, and certainly eligible for a rebate right?. you'll call their csr and they will ask you to call the next day giving you a report number. i'd call the next day and they say my rebate has not been approved. i never had a rebate with bayan dsl. and i never had full 2 months without non service.

December 20, 2013 at 1:16 AM
luisi vitchin said...

dec 11. 4:10pm i'd call them for dsl non service and no dial tone
dec 12 4:00 pm i'd call them again because no technicians arrived.
dec 13 techncian had arrived and fix the internet and the dial tone. so there is 36 hours before the technicians arrived right?
i should be given a rebate.
i try to get a rebate and given report no 1019521.
the rebate had not been not approved because apparently the technicians have talk to me at 12:20 noon dec 12.
off course i'm so pissed because they had made up false report. no technician had arrived or called on dec 12

December 20, 2013 at 10:18 AM
Nina Isabelle Danao said...

Same. The annoying thing is that they'll arrive at the exact time that your internet's ok then say that you no longer have any problem and 15 minutes later the problem's back on. Their technicians are rude and made me seem like an idiot! I'm not a freakin' technology freak but I KNOW HOW TO RESET, CHANGE THE FUCKING PASSWORD, DO THE SPEEDTEST AND TURN THE DAMN THING ON AND OFF OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Irekta ko man o hindi pag inispeedtest lalabas 2.7 something kasi 3mbps ang inapply namin but then pag nagload na ganun padin. Pati pagreformat ng laptop ginawa ko na kasi BAKA DAW LAPTOP KO NA ANG MAY PROBLEMA then so be it. REFORMAT. Then pag-uwi ganun padin. WTH Bayantel, sayang ang payments. Dadayain pa kami!

June 1, 2014 at 8:14 PM
Anonymous said...

Customer assistance sucks! Tumawag ako sa bayantel kung pwede kaming kabitan ng dsl kasi may immediate need. So ang bilis nila magpadala ng tao ng form at ang bilis nila magpa-bayad ng P1,000! Tapos nung pumunta na yung magkakabit hindi daw pwede kabitan kasi dapat daw may conduit pa, samantalang nilinaw ko naman na apartment yung room ko at kung meron bang ibang requirements, wala na daw, tapos kailangan pala ng conduit. Hanggang lumagpas na sa time needed ng internet so I decided to refund. Three times akong nagtatanong sa agent if anong need para magrefund, nung time na nagpabayad sila tatay ko ang nasa apartment at nasa office ako so sya ang nagbayad at name nya ang nasa resibo. So tinanong ko yung agent if anong need to refund? Kailangan ba ng authorization letter pa? sabi photocopy lang ng ID ng tatay ko. 3 times ko nilinaw sakanya. May palitan pa nga sa text. pero pag punta ko sa bayantel hindi daw pwede kailangan pa ng authorization letter. Sabi ko baka pwedeng pagbigyan na ko kasi umabsent pa ko sa Office at yung tatay ko bumalik na ng province may proof naman ako ng text messages hindi parin daw. Wala silang kahit anong action to compensate yung mali nila. So pagbalik ko sa office tumawag ako ulit sa hotline. Nakausap ko yung supervisor sabi ko baka pwedeng iemail nalang sa'kin yung form for refund, aba ang sagot ita-try daw! wow! Ang bagal na ng internet ang pangit pa ng service.

April 16, 2015 at 12:36 AM

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