Bayantel Strikes Again!

Will Bayantel always be like this?

I don’t want to destroy their credibility and that will never be the intention of this blog but it seems that they push me too hard now. I regularly download from Sendspace and before I was satisfied with what speed I get but recently it all changed without any obvious reasons.

The lockin policy prevents the growing number of unsatisfied subscribers to change their internet provider from the time they begin to experience some of the issues mentioned here. Following is the list of problems you may or may not have when you try their DSL service.

Slow internet connection

The formula to compute your actual speed is (80 percent of advertized speed divided by 8). For instance, I applied for 1mbps package, what would be my actual download speed or what should I expect? I write the steps on how to get the answer for this below.

Note: 1mb is equal to 1024kb.

Note: 80 percent of 1024kb is 819kb.


(819/8 =102)

So expect to have a download speed of 102KBPS when you have 1mbps connection.

What does it mean?

It means that when you download a 4MB file for example an MP3 file and your transfer rate is 102KBPS, you will finish the download in 32 to 40 seconds. But because of Bayantel’s SOD, you can finish it in 20-26! Unfortunately, I don’t get this speed right now not even close! I get 19kbps would you believe it?

Intermittent connection

To be fair,I am happy to say that I’m not experiencing frequent disconnection so far but I encourage you to read my article that talks about Bayantel’s intermittent connection and other issues.

Unstable dial tone during bad weather

Yes only in the Philippines and only with Bayantel!

Every time we experience bad weather during the rain for example, we also get bad service from Bayantel. We usually lost our dial tone and our internet connection will start to become unstable too. Sometimes that’s not always the case. The dial tone is there but the line will have a popping noise which is also annoying. After their technicians fix the problem, and the rain starts to fall again, the problem will be back again and the technicians will go back again and will try to fix the problem again. Again, as what I always say, this is not an attack Bayantel, it’s just my simple story that I want to share with your potential customers.

Incompetent CSRs and technicians

I don’t want to talk about this because of some reasons so I’ll make it short. I called their hotline number one time and the CSR I talked to didn’t help me. The story behind it is that I don’t want to elaborate.

If you are affiliated with Bayantel or you just want to challenge my posts about Bayantel, leave your comments below or you may send me an email. My other contact information is on the contact section of this site.
Note: I'll update this article with screenshots of my speed test results and the actual download so I can prove that Bayan DSL is really slow!

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