Things that Philippine TV series and Films have in common

Most of the time when Filipinos watch TV shows like teleserye or a Filipino movie, they ignore the significant component of the plot because they are more focused on the actors or how their story is going to end. When I say
actors, meaning they don’t care much about the characters; what is important to them is to see their idols on the screen. Sadly but it is the reality. But what is this component I’m talking about?

When you enjoy something, you must never let logic get too much in the way. I list some of the flaws and most annoying similarities you can find in Filipino TV shows if you just watch more wisely.

Philippine TV series and films cliché list

Romantic movies and series

The movie usually starts by showing a female character while she attempts to recover from her tragic relationship. This is the right time when the leading man appears usually to help her. Concluding the story, they become boyfriends and girlfriends only to end up with their own version of a breakup. But like most of the story, they will eventually find their way back to each other and they will live happily ever after.

The other version of it is when the film or a series shows two characters who never met. And one day, they accidentally bump into each other but, it’s not like a normal love at first sight! In Filipino love story, someone is going to be rude to the point that the other character would hate him or her so much and the fighting begins. But it won’t be long until you realize that it is only a romance in the making. Like our first story, it is possible that there will be a twist. But again, it will definitely come to a good ending after all the conflicts have been resolved.

How about this storyline. A female character belongs to a powerful family. Then an ordinary guy surfaces and they eventually fall in love with each other. But as you expected, the family of the girl would do everything in their power to ruin this romantic relationship.

Action Films in the Philippines

I notice that Filipino action films have many obvious similarities and when you recognize them while watching, your focus on the story will be lost and you will start to look for more inaccuracies. This is the time when you are criticizing instead of appreciating the movie.

  • The villain is always a politician for example a congressman.
  • The bad guys sell illegal drugs.
  • At the end of the film, you will discover who the real enemy is, someone from the government! Read the first item in the list.
  • The family of the main character would be the victim of a crime which would mean (revenge!) For example, the main character returns home. While they are eating or just having fun, a car stops in front of the house and the next scene; bam bam bam!
  • In Pinoy movies, the hero has unlimited supply of bullets.
  • Watch closely, when the main character is being chased, the bullets from the pursuers always hit the ground.
  • The hero only feels the pain when his leading lady treats his wounds.
  • The moment of truth begins when the main character says the title of the movie.
  • You know that the bad guy is in his hideout when you see a pool and of course, his chicks.
  • If the hero needs a gun, he always finds one.
  • The bad guy has beard and his women are always present.
  • The police always arrive late.
  • The goons enter where the party is happening, and they shoot all the food on the table but all the guests are alive.
  • The leader when talking to the hoodlums always says, “you know what to do”.
  • The hero saves the girl from the rapists and they become lovers.
  • The car chase always ends in a car explosion, Filipino version!

More Pinoy movie trademarks

  • When English language is used in the pinoy movie, usually it is formal English.
  • If there’s a swimming pool in the scene, you also see an orange juice with a small umbrella.
  • Breakfast of the rich people includes, a loaf of bread, bananas, hotdogs, bacon and fried eggs.
  • Visitors are always offered an orange juice but they never drink it.
  • You can easily recognize all the extras in the movie because of their clothes, hairstyle and make-up.
  • In teleserye, when a person wants a revenge, he or she will hire a professional killer
  • In teleserye, the kontrabida can manipulate everyone as long as the story requires
  • In teleserye, explosion effect is a must. What do I mean by this? The ending always features a very intense scenes where they sometimes show exploding buildings, car involved in an accident of course for drama purposes and let's not forget the firefight.

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1 Responses to "Things that Philippine TV series and Films have in common"

Geb said...

Thank you for sharing these. It's boring and overly done. It seems that while some people see the obvious, we have no choice but to put up with the millions of viewers and audiences who have sank so low that these shows are their relief. The only good films we have right now are those that come from the Independent film makers and few good documentaries. Nakakabobo na talaga kaya kailangan ng manood sa iba. Buti pa ang mga pelikula sa ibang parts ng Asia very complex and engaging at lagi nilang ginagamit ang kanilang history- think of the period films of Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and India. Lahat sila may identity at progressive ang kanilang cinema.

May 30, 2013 at 2:31 AM

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