(Bayan DSL): Is it good service they provide?

Another problem that you may encounter when you subscribe to Bayan DSL is the (intermittent connection). I know every provider has this kind of issue on their service, but this article will be focusing on Bayan DSL
as this is my current Internet provider right now.

Causes of intermittent connection

There are many factors to consider before calling their hotline number to ask for a technician to visit your house. Below is the list of the possible issues you should know.

  • Incorrect wiring inside the house
  • Defective wiring outside the house
  • Noisy line
  • Equipment near or in the range of your computer/modem
  • Modem itself
  • Bad weather
  • Congestion in the area
  • Software problem/virus
  • LAN problem
  • >OS problem
  • Home network overload
  • Other factors

Every time I experience this kind of problem on their service, I call their CSRs to ask for help. The common solution they provide is the (connection reset) or (port reset). They would ask me about the status of the lights on the modem especially the DSL light. They’ve told me that Ethernet light does blink and is normal but the DSL light should be stable all the time. Then, the technician will visit me and have the wiring checked then the modem. My experience is, they usually replace your modem thinking that it’s causing the problem. My advice is, don’t let the technician go until you both monitor the stability of the connection by waiting for fifteen or even thirty minutes; sounds rude? LOL.

The best thing you can get from them without question is their response time! Hours from your first call, expect them to be knocking on your door? Well, there’s more! If 24 hours and the trouble their service had caused you hasn’t been fixed, rebate of 500PHP or even your bill for the whole month would be offered to you; all you need to do is to make a formal request.

Finding an internet provider in the Philippines without intermittent connection problem is I think hard and impossible, but giving the best service if not perfect is a must for them as we, their customers should get what we pay for.

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1 Responses to "(Bayan DSL): Is it good service they provide?"

luisi vitchin said...

"upgrade to a higher speed with the same monthly fee. pay only the installation fee + 1 month advance fee"

naghihirap na ba bayantel. dati autoupgrade sila a. sumasabay lng sila sa mga speed ng competition nila. believe me even if you dont upgrade they'll still upgrade it kasi mapapagiwanan sila ng kompetisyon. yung 1.5 mbps ko autoupdated sa 2 mbps nung nagupdate yung pldt. yung dhcp to ppoe libre lng dati yun ah. this is a money making scheme. kailangan talaga nila madalian pera. so yung nascam nila ay yung 1 month advance bill saka installation fee.

yung mga di naupgrade. papayag ba ang bayan dsl na you remain at 1.5 mbps for 1500 pesos if pldt has upgraded to 3 mbps for 1500 pesos. believe me they'll try to match pldt.

December 20, 2013 at 10:15 AM

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