Bayantel Intermittent Connection is Unacceptable

How many times should I call them and tell them that my connection is intermittent? They visit our house five times but until now the problem persists. As what they instructed, we replaced the wire but same issue, (intermittent). We make sure that we pay our bills on time to avoid these things from happening but we’re getting the exact opposite.

I wish I had the opportunity to change my provider or at least investigate more extensively before I chose their service. But it would be useless even I did all these things because I had been given no other options as Bayantel looks like the only internet provider available in the area.

I know this is not a problem on our end anymore because I happened to know one Bayantel subscriber living not so far from us and she’s also experiencing frequent internet disconnection. The only difference we have is that she’s using a router and I am not. Router enables you to reconnect to the internet automatically when the internet connection drops. However, if you have a direct connection like I do, you need to manually use a dialer to reestablish a connection.

This post is to warn you if you are in the stage of finding an internet or phone provider particularly if you are in the Philippines. I’d like to say that before you choose Bayantel, I recommend to visit some internet forums, read any blogs, ask people in your area and find other ways to know more about this internet provider in the country. It can help you decide whether you still want to pursue with Bayantel or consider other providers.

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5 Responses to "Bayantel Intermittent Connection is Unacceptable"

Anonymous said...

Ganyan din nangyari samin dito sa ermita mga 5+ times ng pumunta sa bahay namin at iba-iba ang pinaggagawa (tinignan yung cable, inayos setting ng modem, rineset ang modem, pinalitan ang port ng cable) nakakainis lang kasi nagbabayad kami ng service nila tapos di pa maganda ang nakukuha mo parang nagbayad lang ako para mainis!

February 6, 2012 at 6:08 PM
bayantel review said...

True. I'm really at the point of thinking which provider I should switch to. Dati OK pa ung service and support ng BayanTel, ngayon ewan ko ba. It has deteriorated overtime. Too bad.

February 23, 2012 at 4:11 PM
Anonymous said...

I have pldt and its worse than the issues you are having. when you call their technical support they will just tell you to check the connections and check the lights on the modem and if unresolved they will forward it to the engineers, in which you will not get any response unless you call back to follow up. a lot of times, i complained to NTC about the crappy customer service of PLDT, only then that i get special attention from PLDT.

March 26, 2013 at 4:20 AM
Anonymous said...

a year late but i can offer some suggestions, at least something to do on your end. i'm a long time bayandsl subscriber btw and i still am now. on your modem (not the router) there should be something there that will say dsl modulation/line modulation or just modulation. the default setting for the current bayan modems would have at least two checked on these. my suggested is enabling only one, i have forgotten which i have chosen but there should be no harm in trying one by one and checking performance on each. you should be able to reach a very dramatic change in stability. a second would be to check your cable wiring on the phone box itself somewhere in your house, the one where phone unit line connects too. it has been the second time that i have encountered bayan phone techs leaving the screws a little bit loosened. you may tighten them with a screw driver. the last may carry a little bit of ground if you're not using a rubber screwdriver handle but it shouldn't be anything serious. it should also help with stability. other than these, pretty much everything is only fixable with the help of bayan itself save for the computer unit.

June 14, 2013 at 8:22 AM
unggoy saging said...

pwede ba di na ako magbayad... 2 years lock in period.. naka one ear na ako.. tamad na ako magbayad kc di ako masaya sa connection ko.. online gamer ako sa dota sagana lagi sa dc... kakasuhan ba bila ako para makulong sa di k pagbayad

November 11, 2014 at 9:38 PM

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