Why is Philippines so behind in terms of technological advancements?

Filipinos love new stuff like the latest gadgets; computers, cell phones, game consuls, computer peripherals, computer programs, websites like social networking sites, home equipments like TV sets, home theater systems, wireless devices or services that use wireless
say wireless mics, wireless guitars, wireless keyboards, LCD monitors, latest models of their favorite products for example guitars, cars, MP3s or similar electronic devices etc. Filipinos also love to sing new songs, play new genre, wear new clothes, try any new services, go to many places, experience any adventure, talk to any kind of people andshow their talents to the world.So Filipinos I think are very updated and so aware, but only of ideas, tricks, strategies, workaround for any kind of products like iPhone, PSP, Play station, computer software, CDs and DVDs; talking about burning movies and music etc. But do they have their own inventions? Yes! They invented the word (IMITATION)! But except of copyright laws, there are no any other rules or policies on this earth that prevent them to apply their invention. Oh I almost forgot, chocolates, they love chocolates too!

I write all these things because I don’t see any problem with them. It’s just that they appreciate the technological improvements or development that would happen in our modern time.In the Philippines, you will notice that many Filipinos have cell phones but not all of them have jobs. In the Philippines also, not all homes have computers or broadband services but most of Filipinos who know how to use the computer have Facebook accounts. But the big question is, how is that possible?

Let’s be more serious.

Let’s talk about history.

In the early part of 20th century, Americans began to influence the lives of Filipinos by shaping our education system, changing our laws etc. They also added new genre to our music and entertainment, offered additional choices of food and many more. They taught us to be more liberal; in short, Philippines is westernized! Filipinos started to see some innovations from national infrastructures to their home appliances, and that marked the beginning of our awareness in technology. That’s the reason why we Filipinos love technology so much. Because Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which received the modernization that US offered to Asian countries in the later part of 20th century, Filipinos easily adapted to this kind of innovation and they started to integrate it with their daily lives. Every time there are new gadgets or new inventions, Filipinos are so excited to try them.

Today while everyone all over the world talks about Facebook, Youtube and iPhone, in the Philippines, Filipinos are not just talking about them but they are also using them. In fact, when iPhone became available in the market, one Filipino claiming to have the first iPhone in the country was even featured in the national news. That’s how our culture evolved and that answered the question above. Still wondering why Filipinos are so behind in technology in general? Well, I’ll answer it straight.

In my own opinion, having the latest technology in the world doesn’t mean you are advanced. Acquiring just the finished products are not enough but you really need to also have the necessary knowledge about them. Let me elaborate as my answer isn’t straight. Your dinner means eating in the restaurant every night as you don’t know how to cook your own food. Question, does it make you a complete person? Do you consider yourself independent?

Still confused? I don’t know what else to say.

Share your views.

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Anonymous said...

who is this by?!

March 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM

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