Has Bayantel DSL Connection Really Improved in 2013?

I stopped writing articles about Bayantel and their DSL connection because I can't deny the fact that their internet service has improved a lot in 2013. However, just this morning, I again experienced a few problems. I can't connect to some websites even to my own website. I almost would have blamed my web host for that if I didn't check the Twitter. Some Twitter users (most probably Bayantel subscribers) were tweeting about them not being able to connect to the internet or they have aslow internet connection like the following:

Turtle net bayantel bakit ganitoooo -_____- @RachelAnnRR,
Dial-up circa 1995 ang peg? I'm not paying you 899/month for this, Bayantel. http://instagram.com/p/h9HuiFArdP/ @r0ckergirl14,
bayantel sana maayos kana @fejyanih

I've tried to ping a few websites and the results were indeed disappointing. 100% pocket loss (screenshots later). It's sad to say this but I thinkBayantel has not really improved in 2013. But what about that statement I said at the beginning of this post "because I can't deny the fact that their internet service has improved"? Well I forgot to clarify their that's at least on my end. Because still I've been seeing complaints from different people probably Bayantel subscribers, on Twitter, in the comment section of different blog sites, from Bloggers as well and from almost everywhere on the internet.

So what's the real status of Bayantel and their DSL service then?

I think it still depends on the area where a subscriber is located. There are some people from particular areas who complain of slow internet, at the same time however, there are also subscribers who seem verysatisfied with the service. So you just really have to investigate; make an informal survey if necessary, do some research about this company before you apply if you're a new customer. Or if you are already subscribed, before calling their customer hotline, I'd recommend you first check whether the problem is really on their end or it's just you who is experiencing connection issues for example. It is very easy to do especially now that there's Twitter and Facebook already. If you're internet connection is intermittent and you live in Cubao for example, see if there are people who have the same issue in Cubao area.
I've been experiencing intermittent internet connection lately but it may be because now is a holiday? more people connect to the internet so the service can't accommodate the high demand for internet connection. This may be acceptable and understandable depending on the situation but still, it doesn't mean that Bayantel won't have to do anything to improve their infrastructure.
Another update:
Today is the last day of 2013 and just yesterday I've experienced intermittent connection again.

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