A Super Agent Inside the 24 Hour Period

Who can say that this is boring? Who can change the channel or the DVD while you’re watching it?

Back in 2001, every time my schoolmates talk about this TV series, I choose to walk away. And starting to ask myself, what’s in there that makes them crazy?
In that year, season 1 of the show took place. The objective is to show how the characters solve the problem (most of the time about national security).
The title of this is (24) because the events are just happening within a day only. Jack Bauer, the main character tries to do everything he can just to
save his country from terrorists attacks. In season 1 and 2, his family is affected because of his job. In fact, his wife is killed in the last episode
of season 1. Even Jack almost died in season 2 when he’s captured by the terrorists. What makes this TV series different is if a character should die it
will die. Sometimes the major roles also have to suffer if the scenario is asking for it. So you can never tell who survives or will live longer. Going
back to Jack, his torturers woke him up from a sure departure because  they are really expecting him to give what they want. In season 3, Jack killed a
CTU (counter terrorist unit) agent because she became their enemy since the end of season 1. Guess what, she’s the one who killed Jack’s wife maybe that’s
why when given a chance, Jack shot her three times in that season. That’s how complicated the show is. In season 5, Jack’s friends one of them is former
president Palmer also died. In the sixth season, Jack has also killed an agent who happened to be his partner since season 4 because this agent attempted
to kill the terrorist who was cooperating with them that time. This is maybe because of something personal revenge. To add more color, the cooperating
terrorist has been killed also because of another twist in the plot. Jack has decided to be in a presumed dead status between seasons 4 and 5.

Would you think that your president is also a terrorist? Fifth season brings that up!

24 also shows how the technological advances help a lot when dealing with those critical situations in the series. Advances in communications, navigational
tools such as the satellite imagery or the tracking devices, data bases and weapons give additional excitement to the drama, suspense and action this TV
series has in each of its episode.
The enemies when making calls have to scramble the signal so that the CTU and other agencies wouldn’t be able to obtain
a trace. One terminology I’ve learned in the series is the word triangulation. Actually, there are too many technical terms in the show that I can’t remember.
So you have to watch it yourself if you want to know more about that.

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