Put the Little Girl to Sleep

I woke up this morning discovering that this phrase (Put the Little Girl to Sleep) is trending on Twitter. Actually I watched the news last night and even saw this as a flash news
as I understand it’s from urgent press conference made by one of Arroyo’s spokespersons. Honestly, I didn’t react so much when I first heard this like I wasn’t taking any side or opinion about Arroyo issues. But as I said, when I opened my Twitter account I found this trending and I was surprised! Now the Piolo/KC breakup issue has been dead (thanks to (Put the Little Girl to Sleep).

The other day they revealed the latest problem of Gloria.

Doctors confirm that Gloria Arroyo has Colitis (Inflammation of the colon). And just now an imminent threat to her life? I don’t know if there’s a single person in this planet that would believe in their stories but the root of all this is I think when Filipinos start to have some confrontation regarding Arroyo’s detention whether she should be put in a regular cell or as a house arrest.

People also suspect that The Arroyo camp is lying about her true medical condition so it’s no surprise if they also reject the idea about this (Put the Little Girl to Sleep) thing. And if Arroyo is killed today, her spokespersons can easily accuse the government as the killer because just recently they allegedly discovered the plot. How clever eh?

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